WTC: 9/9/2001

This photo was taken on Sunday, September 9th, 2001; literally 2 days before the attacks. I was on a Circle-Line cruise around Manhattan Island & my intent was to take photos of all the iconic NY buildings and bridges myself & mount them on my apartment walls.


Film Photoset

Here is a photoset taken the last few times I was in NYC.


A Night With The Basement Jaxx

A club music mix of one of my favorite groups, Basement Jaxx.
Download as a mixtape here:


Jose Luis Got'cha: Noreaga Bangers

Here is a mix of Noreaga's hottest joints. I might do a part 2 because there are quite a few more I would like to include, especially songs that didn't make this mix (N.O.R.E., Grimey, & Superthug). I left those out because they are the most popular of his songs, and STILL get play on mix shows & in some clubs to this day. I wanted to make room for some of his other songs that get heard way less. This doesn't even include his immense body of work with his partner Capone (C-N-N). Yet and still, the mix is solid with nothing but heat from Nore.

click HERE to download the mixtape, click photo to see the tracklist.